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Positivity, choices and attitude🌻✨

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a long time but I wasn’t sure about what to write. So, here’s my new blog. I hope you guys would like it!!

This is a good reminder for me to focus on the good things in life, and not the negative things in life.

In light of New year, there are many things to be thankful for, and there are things in life that are just negative. Bad things happen, bills are due, bad attitudes from others.

There are plenty of situations in life that we can choose to let drag us down, if we let it.  Rewire your brain and think of the good! Don’t let negativity effect you, instead think to yourself “What can I do to make this situation better”?

You only have one life, make it your best. Chose to have a positive perspective, and happiness will follow. Always look for the good, and look at obstacles as room for improvement, and think to yourself, “How can I react to this situation in a more constructive way”?

Everyday we choose our attitude, and how we react. Be positive, constructive, and firm. Assertive, not passive, so others walk all over you, and obviously not aggressive. Choose to view life with a positive lens.

There are plenty of bad things in life to focus on, but let’s focus on the good, and go far in life. ❤



Seize the day✨

When Laila said, ” seize the day, my friend.. pehle iss din ko poori tarah jiyo…”, it was just another dialogue for me- notwithstanding the fact that ZNMD is one of my most favourite movies of all time which I have watched more than 100 times (atleast).

Also, when Amitabh Bhattacharya beautifully penned the following:
‘Kal ki khushiyon ka mehanga
Mutual fund leke
Kisht kyon bhar raha hai
Aaj ko dand deke‘
(For tomorrow’s happiness, why are you punishing your today)
I let it pass as if it was just any other random song.

For once, it felt as if all the grind was not worth it after all.

It is funny feeling, this, realising that everything you endured thus far in life, was to culminate into one job offer and one job offer alone.

“Somehow”- just like all the major life changing things have happened to me (somehow i started understanding math in 10th grade)-Somehow, I started feeling things more deeply, more intimately. These past few days, I have stopped rushing everywhere, or for that matter, Anywhere! Instead, now I take time out to feel the cool winds, which the blessed Nature always provided, but I never cared about due to my perpetual haste.

Now, I often stand in the balcony when it rains, so that I don’t get drenched, but at the same time, I can also enjoy the raindrops (if you’ve not tried this, then you must..at the earliest- thank me later).
In short, I have started getting a feeling that I’ve begun experiencing Life for what it truly is- that I’m not just merely living Life.

Maybe this is what growing up is all about.

Maybe this is what life is all about.

Whatever this is, it has surely left a very positive impact on me.
I have been able to make a profound connection with my surroundings, other people and with my own self.

Somehow, I realised that “Today is the tomorrow, we worried about yesterday…” And All is Well!


What is happiness?

When did we become a therapy society? When did it become easier to tell everyone about our troubles, but not our successes? Do you ever think about that?

But what is happiness? How can we attain it?
Well… the idea is that happiness cannot be pursued. It’s not something you receive or stumble upon. It’s not something to be found while actively searching for it.
Happiness is not the accumulation of material things. It’s not about who you love or who loves you. It’s not about the people in your life or the success you have or the fame or the glory. It’s really not.
Happiness is progress. Happiness is the sense of fulfillment one feels after accomplishing a difficult task. Happiness is hope for a better future, happiness is striving so that future becomes a reality, but not at the expense of the present moment.
If it sounds complicated or difficult, it’s kind of why most people like to say that they’re not happy.
Happiness is being aware of your reality, accepting it for what it is. Never better, never worse.
Happiness is ambition.But be mindful, for ambition must not be driven by desire. Fulfilling one’s desires is not the same as attaining happiness. Pleasure is not happiness. One should be ambitious about one self. One should be driven by the idea that every single day he must become better than who he was the day before.
Happiness is also doing the right thing for the right reason. Helping others because it’s the right thing to do, not because people expect you to do it or they’ll think highly of you if you do it.
Happiness is being who you really are without fear of being judged or punished for it.
Happiness is being proud of who you are and what you have, not because others have less, not because you used to have less, but because you are real. You are a real person, and you feel no need to compare yourself to others. You choose who you are, you choose what you think about all that. There is no outside pressure. You are your own master. You choose your own path.
Never forget! Your thoughts become decisions, and those decisions become your destiny.
Being happy doesn’t mean never making a mistake. It means accepting those mistakes, seeing them for what they are, seeing the good in them, the different path that made you take. Seeing the challenge in adversity. The opportunity presented by chaos.
Being happy doesn’t mean being perfect. It means being content with the person that you are, while being aware that there’s room for improvement. There always is. But we shouldn’t make ourselves miserable because of that.
Being happy is a choice. And, believe it or not, the choice was and always be yours.


Let go, move on!✨

Every person is a good book , and every book teaches us something . You can always learn something from a person .

In all our life we will come across a number of people . There are three types of people who come into our lives, some people come for a season , while some come for a reason and there are some who come for a lifetime. It is up to us how we prioritise people in our life.
It is very important that we give our time to the people who actually invest their time in us . The people we choose to be with, we gradually become like them . As it is said birds of a feather , flock together. Your friends and your relationships can change you alot , they have a great impact in your life.
Sometimes we give our priority to people who might be with us in our happy times but they leave us in our obnoxious times, and then we regret that we just wasted our time and our emotions. There are times when it becomes difficult for us to give our time to the correct people, we just need to understand that the people who are there with us when everyone else left and they supported us even if they could have made an excuse are the ones who are going to remain for a life time. People come and go in our life but what matters is that we should move on.
Sometimes we may get cheated or people would betray us or simply just leave us because they used us to the most they could , and these experiences can break us we might start losing ourselves , we might blame ourselves and believe that there is a problem in us, but it is up to us if we want to let ourselves shatter or we want to build ourselves even stronger . It takes experiences to be wise. Try to learn something from every person you meet even if someone has left you try to look at the positive side and think about what did that person teach you . It is easy to blame and look at the negative side of everything, but it takes a lot to stand up again , make yourself strong and look at the positive side of people.
These days we teenagers get depression , we feel lonely because we have probably been left by someone and they let themselves shatter. Remember” You have to be like iron only it’s own rust can destroy it , so there is no one who can destroy you but only you yourself can “. So start looking at everything with a positive sight and learn something from every book (person) you go through because they are definitely going to teach you something that will make you a better person , and you will soon be able to see that your insecurities turn into your strengths.


The reality of belief 💫

We make most mistakes, we suffer the most, and we do the most harm when our thoughts and beliefs differ from reality.  It’s when we create stories and assumptions in our own mind which are untrue that we begin on a journey of falsehoods. 

Yet, there is no such thing as reality.

Reality is an illusion, and it is.

Many people live in their own world, the world in which they want to believe in but it is also the world which doesn’t even EXIST and never will because when reality hits you, it hits you very hard and then you have no place to go or nothing to start with.

If your life is going down the shitter, if you are prey to addictions, if you suffer from a mental illness ~ then the chances are that your thoughts and beliefs have seriously differed from reality.

Einstein and other serious thinkers may tell us that reality is merely an illusion, BUT on a day to day basis we have to live in whatever reality surrounds us.  That means seeing and accepting reality as it is, and not as we wish it to be.  Reality is neutral and impersonal.  Reality has no expectations and no beliefs.  Reality is the true state of things.  There is only one past, present, and future reality ~ it is our own perceptions and beliefs which create an infinity of different versions of the past, the present, and the possible futures.

To find true reality is both very easy and very difficult;

• be totally honest with yourself and others ~ reality is truth

• never take things personally ~ reality is impersonal

• do not make assumptions nor create expectations

Some say that reality is an illusion.  And that we are all just simulations living in a matrix.  All I know is that when my beliefs differed from reality I got myself into some serious trouble.


If only

The saddest words in the English language. If only.

If only I’d known what I know now, if only I had done this or that, if only…

Regret comes in all shapes and sizes. And time passes and heals wounds, and, in the end, regret is the only thing that ties us to our past. Or to a better version of it.

That’s the thing about being human. You don’t only dream of a better future, but you also work really hard to imagine a better past. A different past. One that would provide all kinds of alternate outcomes and new meanings to who and where you are right now.

We change. The world changes around us. The people in our lives change as well. Nothing really stays the same, and that’s why we regret.

As a reminder that we used to be different. That our lives used to be different. And we play with this new version of who we are and we pretend that our present self could travel back in time and correct our mistakes.

“If only…”

And we call this regret.

And it hurts.

It hurts alot.

The awful truth about life is that it goes on. Whether you want it to or not; it just goes on.

But regret keeps us trapped in the past, trapped in this bizarre world that never even existed in the first place. A world of illusions, of impossible dreams, a world that’s never coming back.

In a way, if we beat ourselves up with problems from the past for long enough we end up missing a version of the past that only exists inside our head.

Life is a learning lesson, repeat what is good, don’t repeat the waste. Life is all about moving forward and letting go of the past.Life is about learning, growing and letting go.

And, in the end, the future is much more interesting. We never know what might happen, and that makes it infinitely more fascinating than what already happened.


You only live once✨

Hey everyone, so today I’m gonna write about ya well you already know cause you read the title which says YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

If we look into it and thinking about it, it’s like a poem, a poem which you are writing and it has to end one day. You are the writer of your own poem. You write what you want and sometimes you write what you want others to read.

We all say, like literally we all say that we only live once and we should make the most out of it. But are we really doing so? Are we?

We want to buy something from a very long time but we don’t because we are saving it for something else, we want to go on a vacation but we are so busy that we can’t find time to do so, we want to pursue something which we want in life something in which we are interested in but we don’t because our parents don’t want us to, because they have other plans for you, we want to do something so bad but we don’t do it.

This is where you and I think ‘you only live once’.

Go buy that one thing what you’ve always wanted, go anywhere any beach or mountain you want to go for a vacation, do what you love in your life, do what you have interest in.


Do crazy things with crazy people, enjoy every moment of life, live like you’ve never been alive before, feel everything, do what your hearts wants you to do because after all ‘YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE’.❤️🌈